"We enjoyed our first steak last night. We followed the tips on marination and allowing the meat to come to room temperature prior to cooking and seasoned with Salt & Pepper. Grilled for 3.5 minutes each side and allowed them to rest for 4 minutes. Let me tell you, mouth watering and delicious. Thank you again.
We will continue to be loyal customers in the new year!!!!"

Alan S., Toronto

"Steaks were very nice!"

John K., Toronto

"Followed your marinating advice. Steaks are delicious."

Jocelyn M., Lindsay, ON.

"EXCELLENT RIBS! Your steaks, your Pork Chops – glad we found you!"

Danny N., Scarborough

"The steaks were delicious. Terrific flavour and tenderness. Thank you!"

Arthur T., Toronto

"I wanted to reach out to you now as we've finally had the opportunity to bbq your steaks. We thoroughly enjoyed, they had great taste ( we followed your suggestions in marinating at room temperature for a couple of hours before cooking). Tender and tasty, I'm definitely going to buy from you again!!
Thank you again and Merry Christmas.
Cheers. Richard."

Richard S.

"My wife and I loved the t bone steaks. It’s the first time we have tasted grass fed beef... delicious. We normally buy New York striploin.
Will you be offering the new York striploin in the near future? We would really like to try it as well."

Cheers, Craig

"All very satisfied. Very tender!! We are wondering about your Rib Eye. Do u have any of those as well? Would it be possible to add 3/10 Tbone to my 2nd order.
Often we get our steaks from Costco but appreciate your price and quality."

Mary C., Burlington

"The steaks were good!"

Cathy C., Oakville

"We tried the steaks last nice and they were amazing. Excellent taste and texture.
Thanks very much"

Craig L, Oakville

"The steaks taste great. I am very happy with them!"

Dongsu W., North York

"The steaks are well received. Thanks!"


"Steaks are delicious. Easy to pick up."

Sam D., Toronto

"Your steaks are fantastic. Thank you."

Richard F., Scarborough

"We enjoyed the steaks."

Patti F, Toronto

"Enjoyed the steaks! Very flavorful. Thank You,"

Boris S., Toronto

"Yes, thank you. We picked up the beef and tried it. We are pleased with it."

Jo-An. Toronto

"I grilled 3 steaks over the weekend. Very tender and tasted lighter than the usual steaks I make, almost like veal. Perhaps it is because they are grass fed."

Jeff B., Toronto

"thank you for checking in! Yes, the steaks are so tender and juicy. Will definitely purchase from you again!!! "

Victoria Y, Oakville

"Thanks for reaching out! Yes I've tried the steaks and as you said, they are very lean and require some marinating. Very enjoyable indeed!"

Leo T., Richmond HIll

"Thank you, yes we finally had steak on the weekend and they were very good. If I could have eaten 2 I would have!
Will be buying again for sure."

Michael S., Oakville

"We had two of the steaks yesterday, following your preparation recommendation.
Thanks very much"

Patti O, Burlington

"Steaks are great, very juicy and tender. Love it. I have already purchased a second order. Will pick up once I finish my first batch."

Eddie L., Richmond Hill

"We enjoyed the steaks. 4 left, ordering more."

Shafiq D., Vaughan


Ish M., Hamilton

"Excellent Steaks! I followed your advice on marinating them, Thank you!!!"

Danny N., Scarborough

"The steaks were good."

Brian D., Toronto

"Tried the T-Bone & Rib Steaks. I just ordered another order from Groupon but my freezer is full now. Once I eat most of the food, I will order directly from you!
I have noted your direct site Thanks again"

Julia K, Richmond HIll

"Thanks for the follow-up. Yes, they were picked up and were delicious."

Angela L., Toronto

"I enjoyed the steak I had. Again, much success to you all."

Sandra C., North York

"The steaks were amazing, can you send me info to buy meats directly without going through groupon?"

Lisa F., Oakville

"We have tried the t-bone. It was delicious."

Isaac M., Oakville

"My brother and I ate like 5 tbone steaks last night haha they were amazing"

Alex L. Toronto

"My steaks were great."

Bernard D., Oakville

"We had the steaks last week and they were amazing! thank you!"

Mary-lou M., Toronto

"They are perfect. In fact they make a quasi vegetarian enjoy meat!"

Jocelyne M., Toronto

"Thank you for the follow up. I thought the steaks were good and had excellent value."

Frank M., North York

"We have only eaten two of the steaks to this point, but they were delicious!"

Dave T., Oakville

"Meat is good, very tasty."

Can N., North York

"The steaks are very tasty! I wonder if I could order more, but have them cut even thicker. Just send me the entire T-Bone & Rib section on a truck, I have an axe :)"

Kathy L., Humber Bay

"Enjoyed the taste and they are good size too."

Pankaj S. Scarborough

"Steaks were good everyone I got them for including myself are enjoying them thanks again!"

Pat V, North York.

"Thanks for following up. Yes we have enjoyed them and I will soon place my second order... Just have to make some room in the freezer."

Andrew M, Toronto

"We have only had the chance to have them one evening so far and they have been great and we will be having them again tonight. We will definitely be coming back!!!"

Gordon S., Toronto

"We just tried them for the first time last night. Very nice. Would order again. Thanks for following up."

Marlene N, Scarborough

"Yes, the steaks were very good. Thanks for checking in."

M.S., Toronto

"Woo hoo! I loved my steak."

Wendy F., Humber Bay

"Had the steaks yesterday, they're great! Thanks!"

Regards, Harpreet

"The Steaks turned out pretty good tonight….tender and tasty!"

Kim S, Scarborough

"Thank You for taking such a proactive approach to customer service .. Something you do not hear much about these days... Your follow up is very much appreciated.. Yes we picked up the steaks and had a bbq .. You were right to let me know to season and let them stand for a little while .. They turned out mouth watering..
We look forward to reordering. Have a wonderful weekend.
Thanks again."


"The steaks were great!"

Helen T, Toronto

"The steaks were amazing - best ever! We’ll be ordering from you again!"

Victor Y.

"Thank you for asking, Yes we are super pleased with the size and quality. Thank you so much."

Max S, Vaughan

"Excellent deal! The steaks are tender and juicy. Perfect buy"

Edwin S. Oakville

"I must confess the quality of your beef is the best we have tasted, 10+! Laura and I will be ordering again next week. Excellent Service too! Feel free to use our comment on your advertising."

David H, Oakville

"Made them this past weekend. They were delicious! Thanks again."

Shannon, Toronto

"I wanted to let you know that we marinated and bbq'd some of the steaks this past weekend and they were great!Looking forward to our next order. Have a great week and thanks again."

Patty P, Oakville

"Got the steaks. Gave a glowing review and added pictures to help your business."

Emma C, Toronto